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FMA series: FMA Brotherhood

Name: Midori Anne Catesby

Nicknames: Mido

Age: 25

Blood Type:   AB positive

Ethnicity: 25% Endenese 75% Amestrian

Zodiac: Gemini

Xingese Zodiac: Ox

D.O.B: June 1, 1889

Place of Birth: Central City, Amestris

Current Residence: Central City

        Residence Overall:

• Central City: Ages 0 – 11

• Xiam Su, Xing: Age 11 - 17

• Central City: Ages 17 – 25

• Ishval: Ages 25 – 28

• Central City:  4 months

• Reisei, Enden: 28 – 29 (6 months)

• Central City: 29-  (Does small trips to Ishval for a couple of years, then stays in Central City permanently)

Occupation: Sergeant Major


She studies till the age of 11. She's homeschooled by her mother later. Enters the military academy when she's 18.


Height:   5'4" ( 1 ,66 cm)

Weight: 132 pounds (60kg)


Color: black


o As a child, around the age of 5, she wears her hair short and down, with a small side pony tail on the right side of her head.

o During her adolescence around her 14s her hair is long. She usually wears it in a ponytail.  She cuts it very short when she's 18, during her studies in the military academy.

o As an adult she wears her hair long in a low pony tail that she wears over her shoulder or she just wears a regular ponytail.

Eyes: dark brown

Skin: Caucasian

Body type: Banana-shaped body. Slender, hips a little wider than chest. Athletic thanks to martial arts and jogging.

Style: Feminine. Usually wears skirts, blouses, pea coats, flat shoes or heels.

Others: Has a few scars due to her martial arts practice.


Harry Catesby : Father (murdered)

Lilian Catesby: Mother

Albern Catesby: Grandfather (deceased)

Sayo Maeda (Catesby) :  Grandmother (deceased)

Simon Massingberd: Grandfather

Emilia Anne Massingberd: Grandmother (deceased)

Astrid Massingberd: Aunt

Miriam Alessandra Massingberd: Aunt

Meredith Massingberd: Aunt



Midori's main characteristic is being quiet and unexpressive on the outside. She usually shows a kind smile to everybody but it's difficult to tell what she's really thinking. She likes being respectful and helpful to everybody, but at the same time avoids contact with people (basically because of her lack of interest and shyness). She usually doesn't take the initiative to be sociable, but she can handle social situations properly.

She's introverted and hardly speaks of what is on her mind. She tends to be dishonest in order to avoid hurting other people's feelings.
One of the reasons she avoids people is because she makes very bad assumptions of them based on how very little she has observed from them from a distance.

It's difficult to get to know her, but when people gain her trust, she can be very caring, loyal and supportive. Her lack of interest in knowing other people also gives her trouble understanding her beloved ones' feelings. She usually doesn't understand their reactions and feels impotent towards their suffering, unable to help.

She's a specialist in hiding her emotions and enduring bad situations. She's able to withstand emotional pain, which contradictorily enough, ends up putting too much pressure on her and breaking her completely, thus giving her a worse time in the end.

It's very uncommon for her to laugh loud or to cry.

Midori is very hard-working: She's fully compromised with her responsibilities and focused on her objectives. She's a very organized person and constant in her activities.

She tends to be optimistic and enjoys everything she does.

Even if she is determined in her decisions, she usually takes a long time to decide and is very insecure about what to choose at the beginning. She usually looks for people's approval in what she does, especially from her mother.



Midori's resolve comes from her family, mostly her parents and grandmother, Sayo. They inspired her to always fight for her dreams/objectives and never to surrender to the circumstances. Once she's made up her mind, she works non-stop to get what she wants.


Due to her lack of friends, Midori is very attached to the few she loves, so she is very loyal to these people and tries to protect and help them in everything she can.


Midori knows that she has to work hard to get what she wants. She usually doesn't get distracted with anything trivial before accomplishing her target. She has never had any distraction problems, not even as a child, she was born like this. She takes things seriously.


>>It comes easy to her to manage many responsibilities at the same time. She's very compromised with her duties and efficient, a characteristic she got from her family.  Both her mom and grandma are big influences, since most of the activities Midori did as a child where supported by them.  


Midori has acquired good manners from her family due to her father's rank, making her respectful to everybody: She behaves like a lady.


A good attitude is always needed to accomplish her objectives. She was taught to always love what she is doing, that's why she always tries not to get discouraged when she fails, although at the same time, she cannot avoid regretting the time she lost when she does.
She also tries to spread her optimism to her beloved ones.


Being helpful is part of Midori's nature. She also got it from being with her mother every day. She has always helped her cleaning the house, doing the laundry, going for home supplies, etc. So she is used to offer herself when help is needed.


When someone helps her out selflessly, she tries to help them in all she can. She ends up giving much more than expected.


She is very patient. It is pretty hard for her to lose control. She can get angry but will never explode in wrath. She also understands things need their time to get done or to be done well.

Major Flaws/ Cons:


One of the things that keep her away from people is that she judges them before even knowing them for real. She actually doesn't have real arguments or facts to believe they are bad people, but she still feels they are, and most of the time she is wrong. She thinks badly about almost everyone because she had lots of troubles getting along with other children during her childhood. She was a very spoiled child and the center of attention of all the adults in her house, so when she was with other children she expected to be treated like a princess, didn't want to share anything with others, and every time someone made a joke about her, she overreacted and made a scandal.  This made kids reject her instantly. Her mother, instead of correcting her behavior, was over-protective with her and defended her all the time from the other children. Besides, she was fine with Midori not having friends, since she felt alone at home without her husband at work, so she wanted Midori to spend a lot of time with her.Because of this, Midori got very attached to her and didn't care about making friends.

She basically loses opportunities of meeting new people for no reason, isolating herself.


To trust in people is hard for her, since she thinks they are going to harm her or reject her. She learned how to handle social situations being polite and showing her smile, but in the inside she always judges people and avoids saying private things. Not trusting people also causes her trying to do everything alone and enduring alone the bad times.

>>Insecure/Approval Seeking

Even if Midori is determined in her decisions, coming to conclusions is very hard for her if it is a big decision. She usually asks the advice of her beloved ones and takes their opinions very seriously. She is very insecure who to listen. She usually doesn't want to disappoint other people with her choices (specially her mother).

>>Insensitive/ Cold

It is not that Midori has no emotions; the problem is that she hides them so well, that sometimes she manages to actually completely forget about them. However, very serious events can affect her emotions.
Midori is pretty serious and very simple-minded, she usually doesn't make a fuss about her problems, nor tends to suffer about small things, this is why it's very difficult for her to understand other persons that do this. This is bad for her, going against her helpful nature. She wants to help her beloved ones (some of them are very sensitive), understanding their feelings and supporting them, but she doesn't understand them and sometimes believes they are exaggerating. She also might make them feel worse than before. She's not good at cheering up people.

Minor Flaws/ Cons:


Around the age of 14-16, her love for exercising sometimes led her to compete with her friends in physical resistance activities, such as:  "who runs faster", "who is the strongest", etc. This made her exaggerate in her martial arts training and ended up pretty hurt after those brutal sessions. During her adulthood, she stopped the games with her friends, but still keeps over exercising when she is stressed.


She is very controlling with her emotions, but she is also controlling with her appearance. She controls what she eats and how much.  She also controls how much exercise she does. She likes looking good and fears being muscular or fat.  This makes her look kind of superficial and maniatic.


Midori is very attached to her mother and doesn't want her to find another man and begin a new life. When there are other men pretending her mother she tries to chase them away. In a way it's because she is afraid of her mother being hurt, she has suffered enough. And in a selfish way, she thinks other man will destroy her small family. She feels this way around her 13-16s. She also dislikes the idea when she is older, but tries to be more understandable.


She is kind of a coward: she is afraid of people, she is afraid of starting conversations. She is afraid of being honest with her beloved ones. She is afraid of facing her own emotions.

Dual Traits:

>>Egoist <---> Helpful

Midori is not the kind of sacrificing herself for other people. She thinks her life is very important, because she needs to complete all her objectives. That's why she is not the most trustworthy companion in the military. If she senses the situation is too dangerous, she is going to save herself as a priority. She cannot allow leaving her mother alone.
She is helpful mostly, because she enjoys it. She does it for her own satisfaction though, but at the same time, she helps others, so everybody wins.



She likes silence because of her quite and calm nature. It also allows her to focus on her duties.


She likes children because she finds them pretty innocent and harmless, unlike most of people. She also thinks they are fragile and need to be protected.


She likes the sound of rain, it relaxes her. She also feels like her problems are being washed away.

>>To be active

She likes having many things to do. She feels like she is seizing the day and having lots of fun at the same time. She also enjoys every kind of physical activities.

She likes the beginning of the day and is excited about all the things she is going to do. Her optimism is at its maximum during mornings.

>>Being with friends:

Even if Midori isolated herself most of her life it doesn't mean she liked being alone, she did it to protect herself.  When she finally makes friends, her life becomes a lot happier. She enjoys company and being accepted.

>>Being with her family:

Since she has been always attached to them, she enjoys their company as well. She also feels welcome and like she is part of something very important.


She thinks the same about children and animals. She likes their innocent and harmless nature. She also loves animals because they give a high amount of love in exchange of very little affection.  She feels comfortable with them because she doesn't need to use her robot-like social skills to gain their kindness.


When she travels o Xing is the first time she is exposed to it. She loves all the sounds, the colors, the animals, etc. She usually likes to run surrounded by trees and then rest under one of them when she is tired. She likes walking in the woods in the afternoon and looking to the stars.

>>Xingese food:

It has lots of vegetables, rice, pig meat, duck meat, noodles, etc. She just likes all of these.



She likes having everything under control: her appearance, her emotions, her activities, her responsibilities. When any of those start collapsing she starts getting nervous.
She also dislikes untidy spaces.

>>Being muscular

She thinks she looks ugly and masculine when she is muscular.  She was muscular when she was 15 and around 18-20, because she couldn't control the amount of calories she was eating, nor the amount of exercising she was doing. She learns how to handle it when she is 16, but when she joins the military academy, she couldn't manage to control it again till she graduated.

>>Losing Time

She dislikes this because she is very aware of the value of time. The moments that are lost will never come back, so she tries to take advantage of it and enjoy every single minute she has.


She doesn't like when people don't do anything, she thinks they are losing time. When her friends aren't doing much she tends to obligate them to do something productive. She tends to say: "There is always something to do!"


Scandals and overreactions are some of the things that tend to anger her. She was like this as a child and finds it is kind of stupid and childish. She tries to be understandable with people that is like that but fails most of the time.

>>Hot weather

She is not also always doing some kind of physical activity, she also tends to be very sensitive to high temperatures. So she hates when the temper is too hot. She'd like to use less clothes but she feels uncomfortable with those, so she tries to endure the weather, but it's a very difficult task.


After her father was murdered she spent too much time thinking about it and missing him mostly at nights, so she start having insomnia. She suffers this mostly when she is stressed and she absolutely hates it. She loses lots of energy for the next day.

>>Cow meat:

She just dislikes it.


>>Becoming Fat:

This fear was influenced by her mother. Lilian was fat during her infancy and part of her adolescence. Everybody made fun of her and damaged seriously her self-steem.  She started doing exercise and eating healthy with the help of her family, and some years after she finally lost weight and became slim. Since that moment she has been controlling with her weight. When Mido was born she did exactly the same with her and kind of spread the fear of being fat to her.

>>Death of her beloved ones:

Midori already lost her father. She doesn't want to lose any other person close to her. The few she has. Most of the time she fears losing her mother, especially when she travels to Amestris without her. She used to have many nightmares about it.

>>Disappointing her mother:

She is very afraid of not finding the answers she is looking for and returning to Xing empty-handed. She wants to know if it is safe to bring her mother back to Amestris again so that they can reunite with her other relatives and returning to her mother her old lifestyle. Surrounded by her sisters and father like always.


Midori is very afraid of any kind of worms. She got this from a bad experience as a child. Some funny kid put worms in her sandwich and then threw some of them to her face. Midori did an awesome scandal and ended up fearing worms forever.

>>Losing her friends:

Since she has a few of them and never ever had friends before she is very insecure about the relationship she has with them. She tries to maintain her relationships strong.


Her nightmares are usually pretty spooky and left her very scared. They are mostly related with her father's dead or her mother dying. So she is afraid of having them.



Midori loves cooking. During her childhood she always helps her mother cooking and learns many recipes.  When she is older her mother lets her cook without help and she does it very well. She has a born talent for it, like her mother. She enjoys practicing it and makes her mother invite the family to dinner almost every weekend, so that they try her food.  She links cooking with family because of this.

She loves shopping for ingredients, learning which ones are appropriated for cooking, which ones taste better, knowing the quantities of which ingredients are needed, etc. She also loves experimenting and has created her own recipes. She feels there is a lot of freedom  and infinite of possibilities  for creating new dishes. She likes improving the recipes she already knows.

When she travels to Xing and works for the Tao's restaurant she tries xingese food for the first time and loves it. When she learns how to cook it she becomes one of the official cooks of the restaurant.
This is one of the activities where Midori isn't shy or insecure about. She is confident she is good at this and she loves the feeling.


She used to do different kinds of exercise with her mother when she was 7-11. But her favorite is jogging. She feels like she is flying, she loves the wind in her face
>>Martial Arts:
She learns this when she travels to Xing. She and her friends were students of a member of the Tao family. She started practicing it because of curiosity (because she loves physical activities). She loves the fact that she can defend herself now and of course she enjoys the adrenaline of this activity. She doesn't fear physical pain. She mostly practiced when she was in Xing (13-17), she still practice this when she is in the military academy and has to use it sometimes when she becomes a soldier.


This activity is linked to cooking. When she was working for the Tao family, she started in the fields with the cultivation of some main ingredients such us rice or wheat. She likes the part where she irrigates the fields, but she dislikes the sowing part because worms pop up all the time.
She loves taking care of the animals as well (ducks, chickens, etc), although she knows they are going to die at some point, she believes they are reaching their purpose. That's why she never leaves any leftovers when eating, so that animals don't die in vain.
She leaves this activity when she returns to Amestris (17 years). However she plans to keep practicing it when she has her own restaurant. She wants to have her own ingredients like the Taos.


>>Returning to Amestris with her mom. She wants to live there again with her family.

>>Opening her own xingese restaurant in Amestris.


>>Martial Arts:

Her strength is in her legs. Her athletic and flexible body allows her to do very fast movements. She is known among of her friends to be the fastest.

>>Cooking and baking



>>Midori might be serious and cold, but she is not immune to be interested in romanticism. The problem is that she couldn't think more about it when she joined the military. She just had to focus on more important things. When she is around the person she likes, she becomes clumsy and she hates it.

>>Midori hates blushing, she feels very stupid when that happens. She does when she is getting a compliment, when she is having physical contact with strangers or when someone talks about something perverted. She is nervous in these situations.

>>Midori's first love was her first friend: Jin Tao. They had a small relationship when she was 15. It was pretty short and was cut for mutual agreement.

>>She is her best friend's Rui fashion model. Rui designs and sews lots of clothes for Midori.

>>Midori enjoys jokes but she is really bad at telling them.

>>When Midori is very angry she shakes a lot and does a scary smile.

>>She has a cleaning mania when she is stressed.

Curious facts:

>>Her parents didn't know which name she should carry till the day she was born. Lilian has no naming sense and Harry didn't want her daughter to carry such awful names, but he himself had not many ideas as well. When Harry's mother, Sayo, saw Midori, she knew how to name her.

Midori was named after her grandmother's best friend. Sayo comes from a very distant country named Enden. People there have black straight hair, white skin and dark brown eyes, just like Harry and Midori. Sayo is in depth with her best friend Midori, because she helped her and her husband escaping from Enden. She wanted to name her daughter after her, but she gave born to Harry.

Lilian like this love story of her mother-in-law, so she agreed to it, same as Harry. Right after this decision Lilian suggested that she would like Midori to have her mother's name as well. Harry agreed, but she liked more Anne, than Emilia. So, Midori's full name was complete.

>>Although Midori comes from a wealthy family her parents decided to have a more simple life: they live in a modest house, no servants or luxury, no excess. Just the accurate for Harry's status. Lilian never wanted servants because she was capable enough for maintaining the house without stranger's help. However Harry always asks her mother for her help if it seems Lilian is having troubles with this.


Midori is the only child of Harry Catesby, a General working in the Headquarters, and Lilian Massingberd, ex-soldier.  She was the only child of both families, so she had all the attention and was a spoiled child.

Around the ages of 7-11, she was disciplined by her Grandmother to act more lady-like. Having her grandmother as a guide, she learned to be well-mannered, not to be scandalous and to always show a kind smile.

Midori's father was murdered on July 13, 1900. The police said he was murdered by a criminal who committed suicide after he was captured. This notice was a tragedy for all the family. However, Lilian had many doubts about the incident, she found her husband's behavior to be pretty weird before he was murdered, seeing as two days before he was murdered, hehad literally told his wife to take Midori with her and run away if something were to happen to him.  The next day he told her everything was Ok, but that he was rather serious about it. The next day he was killed.

Lilian tried to obtain more information about the incident but the same military said the case was closed, that there was nothing further to investigate. Lilian was having a hard time giving this idea up, so as an ex-soldier and the wife of a general, she tried to get the military's attention.

Some days later,Lilian was attacked by a stranger when she was going back home.  Sayo, who was staying with them to take care of Midori, thought she was being paranoid about it and couldn't blame her after all she was been through. She called Lilian's father and asked him to come dinner with them, in order to calm Lilian down a little. Sayo went to buy some things for dinner. When she was gone,Lilian started to rapidly pack up some things on a suitcase and took all the money she could. She put on a big coat to her and Midori and ran away with her as fast as she could.

The same afternoon some stranger broke up in Lilian's house, but she was already gone. When Sayo came back to the house she found the intruder there. He saw her and escaped. She looked for Lilian and Midori, but she couldn't find them.
Lilian didn't know where she was going until she figured out which train it was, which she had randomly taken.

She was heading to East City.Lilian decided to go to the only place that was unrelated to Amestris: Xing. She herself made a trip there with her uncle when she was 15.
She stayed in the limits between East City and the desert area a couple of days looking for a method to travel to Xing. She couldn't use the sea path because she was going to drive the attention of other people (She was being searched by the police and she wasn't sure if the criminal that attacked her not long ago was tracing her as well).

She managed to contact xingese people in the frontier, who helped fugitives to go to Xing through the desert. She payeda vast amount of money to a xingese man called Zixin Tao, who guided her and Midori safely through the desert.

Midori really believed that his mother was crazy after all she did. She didn't understand why all of that happened all of a sudden, but she didn't want to bother her mother with questions. However, she was scared.

They arrived at the nearest place in the desert, it was called: Xiam Su.
Most of Xiam Su is a rural place, but not far away there is a big market full of people. The Taos lived in the rural area but owned a restaurant in the market.

Lilian wasn't sure of what to do, but she knew as soon as sheat Midori: she wanted her to have a home and food. She asked the Tao's if she could work for them in exchange of a place to stay and food.

This is how Lilian started working in the restaurant. She became a waitress, helped in the kitchen and the same time and was sent to take care of the fields when her help was needed. Midori didn't want to stay at the room they were living all day so she asked if she could work as well. Her mother didn't want to, but Midori seemed sad and lonely, so she left her. Zixin said his son helped farming the fields and that he could talk amestrian, so Midori was taken to the fields.

The name of the kid was Jinhai Tao, but they called him Jin. He was 13 years old. Jin taught Midori everything she should know to work in the fields. However, Midori didn't talk too much with him. She was confused with everything that was happening, she had many questions and she was shocked by all the sudden changes in her life. Jin, however, was very kind to her, and even if she didn't answer much, he'd talked to her.  When they were working in the fields, usually another girl would appear. She was loud and she seemed to annoy Jin all the time, but Midori couldn't understand what she was saying. Jin explained she was her cousin and that she was one of the princesses of Xing, she was the 7th and her name was Rui Kiew Tao.

Midori was starting to talk and was less sad as the time passed, but she still hadn't asked her mom anything about the issue. She finally did after a year. Lilian explained her everything.

Midori couldn't understand why someone would kill her dad and why they were trying to kill her mom as well. Why the military didn't do anything when both of her parents served there many years? This is what bothered her the most.
Midori and Jin were very close now. She felt weird because she never had a friend before, but she was happy she could speak to someone. However, Rui kept coming to bother them, she couldn't get along with Midori.Rui tended to throw things to Midori in order to get her attention. Jin said Rui just wanted to be friends because Midori was the only girl around her age in the entire clan, but Midori didn't like how Rui treated her.

As Midori learned to speak xingese better she could speak more with Rui. The three of them were finally getting along.

After one year, Rui and Midori got very used to each other.  Midori was really enjoying Jin's and Rui's company,she also enjoyed farming and sometimes helping with the restaurant.  At lunch and dinner time, the family got together to eat,Lilianand Midori included. Midori loved that environment and how all the family was together, united by the restaurant business. They also reminded her of how she used to cook for her family on weekends. Even though Midori was happy and never knew that having friends was that fun, she still couldn't forget about the mystery of her father's dead and missed Amestris and her family.

The same year Midori was accepted in the martial arts classes Zixin was giving to Jin and Rui. They were the ones who convinced Zixin, since they wanted Midori to spend more time with them and they also knew Midori liked exercising.

Around the age of 15, Midori had enough of not knowing the mystery, she really wanted to discover what had happened to her father. She and her friends found that the military's behavior regarding the issue was rather odd. Even if a very important image such as a general was suddenly murdered, they didn't do much scandal about it. Targeting a general is same as targeting the military and they didn't research enough about the criminal after he committed suicide, so Midori wanted to do an investigation about the case herself.
She was plotting how to do that with her friends' help. After spending lot of time talking about the issue, she designed a possible plan. The hard part was convincing her mother. With fear in her heart, she dared to ask her. Lilian's reaction was really bad, she started yelling at her and crying. That was the first big fight she had with her mother and felt pretty guilty about it.However, Midori continued her training, she was aiming to enter the military academy.

At the same time, Midori was promoted to help in the restaurant as a waitress and before too long, she was allowed to help as a cook. She finally learned how to cook xingese food. She had always loved its taste and was really looking forward to learn those recipes. She was honored by the Tao's teaching her their recipes and even their martial arts, they made her feel part of their family.

She also learned how to take care of the fields. Team work and the family bonds represented in the restaurant business became a very special element for Midori. Through it, she realized she would like to own her own restaurant like the Tao's and serve xingese food.She would invite her family members to join and it wouldbe just like with the Tao family, but in her homeland. This has become her biggest dream.

Midori traveled to Amestris at the age of 17. Rui and Jin went with her. Rui had her own reasons to go there. Jin was going to accompany the girls till they got to Central City, he was going to go back to Xing and inform the family and Lilian. Lilian started supporting Midori some weeks before she left Xing, she even taught her to shoot with a gun Zixin bought in his last travel to Amestris.

Midori and Rui arrived safely to Central City. Midori went to her old house but it was empty. So she went to her grandpa's. She found him there.
Midori lied to him, she told him her mother was dead because she had attempted to cross the desert with no help. However, Midori survived because a xingese family who found and helped her.

She managed to stay at her grandpa's with Rui. Midori's miraculous comeback made a small column in the local newspaper.
Midori inherited the money her father left when dying and used it to pay her studies in the military academy.

Midori joined the military academy at the age of 18. She had to make a big effort to be a great student there. She didn't like being surrounded by strangers again.  She graduated at the age of 20 and was working under many superiors.

Midori was really underestimated for being a recent graduated soldier and the fact she was a woman didn't make it better. Her first tasks included the usual doings of a secretary. She didn't mind, but was pretty impatient. She was aiming to work in the investigation department.

After 2 years she was still in the same place, but her combat skills were more recognized, so she ended up working under General Basque Grand, along with other two companions.
In 1914, Scar murdered General Basque Grand, the Iron Alchemist. He murdered one of his escort men as well. Midori was picking up something Grand forgot in his office and found both of them dead when she came back.

She and the rest of Grand's team gathered his alchemy research and gave it to the higher ups.

When the library was burned down, more people were needed to gather the lost information.  Since Grand's team lost his general, the soldiers with lower ranks were taken to help in the investigation department. Midori was one of them, she was happy.

She started working under Hughes. Hughes' face and optimism kind of reminded her of Harry. She found the way in which he was obsessed with his wife and daughter pretty funny.

Midori always stayed at very late hours in the office. She wanted to be alone there to look for her Father's case files. She stayed there many days looking for them, but she still couldn't find them. One day, Hughes came back to the office when he was supposed to have left already and found her looking through the papers.  Hughes asked her about it. She lied and then returned home.

The next day, she knew she couldn't stay late like before, so she wanted to leave, but Hughes let her work to do. When it was late again Hughes told her that her identity wasn't a secret. He had easily figured out that she wanted to see the files of her father's murder, so he just brought them to her.

Midori read the files, but she really didn't find anything important just the criminal's name.  Hughes asked her if she found what she was looking for, but she said no. Midori decided to tell Hughes about his father's case.

Even Hughes found Harry's case pretty weird, he told Midori he was going to try to reopen the case, but that that moment wasn't the right one because of Scar and the information that got burned. He recommended Midori to find a private investigator to find something about the criminal's family, etc., and so did she. Midori couldn't believe what Hughes did for her and told him that if he needed something she will gladly help. Hughes said her work was fine, but that maybe some friend of his would appreciate the help.

Hughes found Midori pretty kind-hearted. He figured out that the only reason she was there was because of her father's death. She spent 7 years in the military to reach that point. He found her very trustworthy, and saw her more as a valuable human being with an admirable determination then as a skilled soldier. Midori was there even if she didn't like the military at all, and she did a really good job in doing so.He realizedshe could be useful because she always ended up working under someone greater. Due to herlow rank, she was always doing small endeavorsfor soldiers of higher ranks. She always had to go here and there and she was pretty underestimated and went unnoticed to the point where she even accomplishedto sneak into the files without anyone noticing. She's kind of invisible and doesn't seem to be hiding anything.  Hughes thought she could be an informant in the military, not for him of course.

After the Fifth Laboratory events, Hughes began to do the research for the Elric brothers. At the same time, he told Midori that the friend he mentioned to her was probably going to be transferred to the Headquarters soon. He gave her a letter and told her that the day he is transferred, she had to give him that letter and tell him that it was a love letter.  Hughes was laughing. The letter was aimed to Coronel Roy Mustang.
Hughes died the same day. Midori met Roy at the funeral. She saw him alone with another soldier in front of Hughes' grave. She saluted him and then gave him the letter saying that it was a love letter then she left.

Hughes' death meant a huge turn in Midori's investigation. She knew Hughes' was researching some strange issues, he got murdered the same day and the culprit was still missing.

When Roy and his subordinates were transferred to Central city, Midori contacted him secretly to talk him about Hughes' letter. Roy said Hughes told him she could be helpful. Roy was also aware of her father's issue.  Roy and Midori made a deal to inform each other about their discoveries.However, both of them couldn't trust each otherthat easily.

When Maria Ross was found culprit, the military itself raised suspicion about Hughes' dead.
Midori never got involved in Roy's missions, she was a mere informant, but at the beginning she couldn't find the way to gain Roy's trust. As the time passed, she started feeling she wasn't being told about everything. It was hard getting to talk to Roy in private and it was dangerous for both of them. Midori was starting to feel despaired and started to plan how to gather enough information for Roy, so that he would trust her.

When Roy's subordinates were taken as hostages, Midori took advantage of the situation to get closer to Roy. She managed to recollect enough information to gain part of his trust. However, he never really gave the every detail, limiting himself just to what seemed important to her investigation.

She was informed about the corruption of the higher ups. So it made sense that Hughes was killed because he found out something important. But does it mean that her father was killed because of something similar?

When the promised day was coming, Midori helped more actively. She participated in the coup d'état. She stayed in the radio station with some of Roy's subordinates.She hoped that after these events she could finally have a better idea about what had happenedto her father.However, she was convinced she would be able to finally bring her mother back to Amestris.

After the success of the coup d'état,Midori was aware that some members of the higher-ups were confined in jail. So shesought one of the generals in prison to finally find out about her father.

As it turned out, Midori's father was offered to participate in the creation of the immortal army. Rather than accepting this offer, he took the resolve to destroy the plan. It didn't take the higher-ups much time to discover this scheme, and to eventually dispose of him.

Midori didn't understand much about the immortal army, the homunculus, etc. But she perfectly knew how many lives were taken because of that and she was proud her father had tried to stop it. Her father's death hadn't been in vain, because someone finally put an end to those evil plans. She was incredibly grateful with Roy and his team.

After finally discovering the truth, Midori was able to bring her mother to Amestris. Both of them visited Harry's grave together.The family was finally together.

Midori stayed in the military fora couple of years, because she wanted to help Roy and the others in exchange of what they did to save the country (her father's wish) and because, without them, she wouldn't have ended knowing the truth about her father's death. She went to Ishval to help in the restoration.

A few years later, she left the military to start making her dream of the xingese restaurant come true.


I hated the other pic, I think this one is better. C:

Also Every time I put somethign relevant to her story I'll put other important deviations:



XD Sorry for taking a lot of time. Did I mentioned I hate writing? XDD

This was hard to make cause I got distracted everytime and I have maaaany information in my mind. Actually I could have detailed this even more, but it would be horrible longer XD. Of course I still have things to work on :/ I'll probably fix them in the next days.

This profile wouldn't have been possible without the help of my dear :heart: :iconlink445: :heart: and my dear :heart: :icontoasty-coconut: :heart: . Thank you guys for correcting my grammar and giving me your opinions.

Ok I owe many explanations about Mido's family, Jin, Rui, the Taos in general, Enden. But I don't think I can write about all of that in these vacations.... I'm sure what comes next is Enden C:

.....I'm probably gonna do an Ask Mido tumblr, since I have this finished o3o. What do you think?

Questions? Critiques? Typos? I'd like feedback, please.

Ah.... lo siento, no voy a escribir esto en español. Realmente odio escribir .-. ya no aguanto mas en serio.

that's it.

Mido belongs to me

Profile template belongs to *NoVaNoah

I also inspired myself in *Toasty-Coconut and *egyptian-sands profile C:

:heart: :heart:
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